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AMC Pacer Suspension & Steering
AMC Pacer Transmission & Drivetrain
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The AMC Pacer was a two-door compact produced from 1975 to 1980. It had a very unusual shape, making it a popular icon of 1970's automobiles. The rounded rear window was a feature that has not been seen in a car before or since the Pacer.
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Some of the stranger features of the Pacer include the wide design, as large as some full-size cars, rear wheel drive, and an inline 6 - or straight 6 -engine. The futuristic design was like nothing any consumer had seen before, and the car sold very well - over 140,000 - in its first year. Cargo room was sparse, and a more powerful 5.0 L V8 had to be added in 1976. The AMC Pacer has not yet become a high valued collectible, but it does have a cult following among people who want to have a truly 70's icon. The highest NADA value of any Pacer is the 1977 AMC Pacer Station Wagon, valued at $7,000 in perfect condition. This means it is very inexpensive for anyone to buy a Pacer and pretty much do what they want with it. Parts are available online (see the left side of this page) and I'd love to see what crazy mods people are making to their Pacer.
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