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Audi A2 Air Conditioning & Heat
Audi A2 Air Intake & Fuel Delivery
Audi A2 Brakes
Audi A2 Charging and Staring Systems
Audi A2 Computer, Chip, Cruise Control
Audi A2 Cooling System
Audi A2 Decals, Emblems & Detailing
Audi A2 Emission System
Audi A2 Engines & Components
Audi A2 Exhaust
Audi A2 Exterior
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Audi A2 Gaskets
Audi A2 Gauges
Audi A2 Glass
Audi A2 Ignition System
Audi A2 Interior
Audi A2 Lighting & Lamps
Audi A2 Parts Cars
Audi A2 Safety & Security
Audi A2 Suspension & Steering
Audi A2 Transmission & Drivetrain
Audi A2 Turbos, Nitrous, & Superchargers
Audi A2 Wheels and Tires
Audi A2 Other Parts
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From 1999 to 2005 Audi produced a subcompact called the Audi A2. Consumers were not pleased with its design, but engineers have claimed it is ahead of its time in terms of structural stability in a lightweight vehicle.
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The Audi A2 has what is referred to as a space frame design. This means the outer panels of the body have no structural function. Aluminum was used extensively in the A2, which made it expensive to build. The aluminum exterior is so light 2 people can easily lift it. Fans of the A2 tout its incredibly high mileage numbers, beating out hybrid cars by a significant number of miles per gallon. Some models achieve more than 90 miles per gallon.
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