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The BMW 2002 has a very unfortunate name, as it is hard for any current owners or potential buyers to find information about it without finding websites about BMW's built in the year 2002. The BMW 2002 was made from 1968 to 1976.
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The 2002 was a replacement of the 1600 in the United States. The 1600 was unable to pass emissions standards passed in the US in the 1960's, so BMW designed the 2002 2 liter engine with these standards in mind. The ended up selling 80,000 of these cars during its 8 year lifespan. 2,000 of those produced were turbo versions, making them rare and collectible. The first generation of the 2002, which lasted from 1968 through 1973, can be identified by its round tail lights. Performance from the 2002 was surprising. It accelerated quite well considering its small inline 4 engine, although it could only reach a top speed of 107 mph.
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