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The Isetta was a microcar made by BMW and perhaps most well-known in the United States as the car driven by Steve Urkel in the TV show "Family Matters." It had a bubble shape, 3 wheels on many models, and only one door for passengers to use, in the front of the car!
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The Isetta was made by several different companies. They included Iso, Romi-Isetta, Velam, Isetta of Britain, and BMW. BMW built 136,367 of them. Isetta of Britain built the second most, with just about 30,000. Of the 8,500 Isetta's imported by BMW to the United States, it is estimate about 1,000 survive. An Isetta-like kit is also currently being sold, which allows buyers to choose an engine type. Besides the original motors, motorcycle engines are also popular choices, as they are small enough to fit in the rather cramped space the design of the car allows. Used Isetta's are still widely available on eBay, along with Isetta parts and memorabilia.
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