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The Buick Century has been produced since 1936, usually as an add-on to other lines, like the Special. The name comes from the fact that they could reach 100mph or more, which was quite fast for a production car in those days.
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The Century line made a comeback in the 1950's after having not been used for a dozen years. 1954 was the first year of the new "classic" Centurys, which looked similar to the Chevy Bel-Air of the time. The California Highway Patrol order a large number of Century sedans in 1955, and those models are highly sought-after today because that body style was not sold to the general public. The most unusual and perhaps popular of the old Centurys was the Century Caballero 4-door station wagon. In 1959 Buick changed the names of their cars, and the Century became the Invicta. Although the Century was officially retired, the Invicta was essentially an extension of its lineage. The name would return in 1973. Many of these classics are available on the used car market, along with parts to fix them with.
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