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Classic Muscle Car Picture - 1968 Buick Skylark
The Buick Skylark was a landmark vehicle in many ways. Introduced in 1953, it was the first production vehicle to have a real name, not just a year and a make (and sometimes a number).
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The Skylark started as a specialty convertible that commemorated Buick's 50th Anniversary. Despite a list price over $5,000, the car sold quite well, with 1,690 being produced in its first year. In some areas of the country they had to be sold at discount, but in others they were quite popular. Much of the car was handmade, and GM's costs were very high, reducing their profit margin and forcing them to sell it at such a high price. The car went through many changes in one year, and was discontinued in 1954. It made a comeback in 1961 as a full-size car with a V8 engine ranging in size from 215 cubic inches all the way up to 455. Many used classic Skylarks are available on the used classic car market, as are parts.
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