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1992 Buick Skylark picture
The 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation Buick Skylarks were significantly different than the previous models that had carried the same name. After the nameplate took a 3 year rest, it came back in 1975 using the GM X-Body platform. The only version of this car was the 2-door coupe, because the 4-door version was called the Buick Apollo. That was the final year of the Apollo.
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A few Skylarks from 1976 were given the GS badge. The only thing different about them was a blacked out grill. Many of these models were sold in Iran, and the car was the last to be manufactured in Iran before it became a political adversary of the United States. In 1980 the X-body got a redesign, and the car shared its platform with the much-maligned Chevy Citation (mine always ran great, I guess I'm just lucky). The car got smaller in 1986, and in 1992 Buick went with a weird wedged or "pointed" bumper style. Engine options on the newer Skylarks ranged from an inline 4 Tech4 to a 3300 3.3 L V6 sold from 1990 to 1993. They are readily available on the used car market, especially if you look online.
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