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The Buick Wildcat was only in production from 1962 to 1970. Although it was a full size car, it was intended to fuse a smaller 2 door coupe body from the Invicta with a big 325 horsepower high performance engine.
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The body code number for the Wildcat was 4647, which was known as the sport coupe. It had a 401ci Nailhead V8, often called a Wildcat 445 because it produced 445 foot-pounds of torque. After 1962, the Wildcat became its own line, no longer just a sporty version of the Invicta. It received several styling changes to differentiate it from its original namesake, including chrome hash marks on the front quarter panels. It was eventually replaced in 1971 with the Centurion, which was a car that looked nearly identical to the LeSabre, with a few minor styling differences. Inside the Centurion kept the Wildcat spirit alive, with a big powerful engine that would shame any LeSabre on the street. Wildcats can still be found on the used car market, but they are somewhat rarer than other cars of the period. Try looking on eBay for used Wildcats and parts.
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