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The C/K is the model name of the most successful full-size pickup truck line ever produced by Chevrolet. Production lasted from 1962 until 1998. It is essentially a twin with the GMC Sierra.
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Starting in 1962, Chevy made the trucks in either Fleetside or Stepside versions. Engine power ranged from 135 horsepower to 160 hp. The more modern look came with the second generation models introduced in 1967. A V8 engine made available in 1969 produced 255 hp. The wheelbase was made longer for 1973, and this generation got a diesel engine in 1982. By the 4th generation in 1988, there were 10 different versions of the C/K available, including Fleetside Extended Cab and Sportside. The truck was replaced by the Silverado in 1999. The C/K is very popular on the used truck market because of its versatility. If you want to buy one, I suggest using eBay, where they can be found for thousands cheaper than you newspapers classifieds. They also have lots of parts there, many in unused condition.
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