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2004 Chevrolet SSR - Convertible pickup truck pictures
The SSR is one of the new radical designs produced by Chevrolet. It is technically a pickup truck, but it is also a convertible. It is also a sports car, capable of very high performance figures.
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The first year the SSR was made available for the public was 2004. It did not sell very well, with just 9,000 going at the MSRP of $42,000. Supplies of unsold SSR's backed up, and the Lansing Craft Centre factory was closed for 5 weeks. GM announced that it will close permenantly in mid-year 2006, spelling the end of SSR production. This sports truck is powered by a base Vortec 5300 5.3 L V8 making 300 horsepower. The 2005 model got an upgraded LS2 V8 producing 390 hp. This is the same engine found in the Corvette and Pontiac GTO. The 2006 model saw a boost to 400 hp and 405 hp (manual transmission). With low sales and a powerful engine, I think this could be the collectible car / truck 20 years from now. People will not miss this sport convertible truck until its gone, and then they'll wonder why they don't own one. If you want to buy one, I suggest looking on eBay online auctions, where you can typically buy them for $5,000 off dealer or classified ad prices. You can sometimes fine original and custom parts for this vehicle, although they are fairly rare.
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