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Chevrolet Cosworth Vega - 1970's car pictures
During the 1970's oil crisis, cars got smaller. From 1971 until 1977 Chevrolet produced the Vega, a compact coupe and station wagon built on the GM H-body platform.
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The Vega essentially replaced the Corvair from the 60's and was replaced by the Monza, which only lasted 5 years. The Vega won Motor Trend's coveted Car of the Year award in 1971. The engine was a 2.3 L 2300 SOHC I4 or a 2.0 L Cosworth DOHC I4 with fuel injection available on the 1975 Cosworth models. The non-Cosworth Vegas were notorious oil burners due to a poorly designed valve stem. They also had front disc brakes standard, a first for GM. These were also the first GM cars built using robotic welding, a stigma for cars of that time, and even today some companies brag about the parts of their cars that are "hand built," even though robotic construction often produces a higher quality end product. The Vegas sold very well during their run, and at one point offered a six year warranty on the engines to overcome the bad press from the oil burning and overheating. John DeLorean, then president of Chevrolet, would later criticize GM for forcing bad parts and a bad engine into the Vega. If you are looking to buy one, you might be able to find one for sale on Ebay, where they are usually cheaper than classifieds or used car catalogs like Hemmings. You can also sometimes find useful parts on Ebay.
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