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Citroen 2CV - Classic French Cars
The Citroen 2CV was produced from 1948 until 1990. Although many Americans are not familiar with the brand, the French company has been very popular in Europe. The 2CV was one of the few cars from the company sold in the North American market.
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The one 2CV most people in the United States have seen was driven by Curt Anderson in the movie American Graffiti - released in 1973. He can be seen sleeping in the car at one point and trying to fix it at another. The construction of the car included a dual H frame chassis. It was a front wheel drive car, which made it handle much better than many more expensive cars of its time. It was technically a 4 speed car at its inception, but it was marketed as a 3 speed with overdrive, because the company thought consumers would think 4 speeds was too complex. The first engine, a four stroke 375cc, produced just 9 horsepower. That's not a typo. 9. The top engine ever made available was a 602cc making 33 bhp. It was eventually discontinued, as customers expected a little more performance from a car, or even a kids bike for that matter. During the years it was also available as a van and a 4 wheel drive called the Sahara. American Graffiti was not the only time the car made the big screen. It was also blown up trying to cross a bridge during the helicopter attack on the village in Apocalypse Now. If you are looking to buy one, or parts for one that you already own, try looking on eBay for the best prices. They tend to be much lower than swap meets (where people tend to know exactly what they are selling).
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