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The SM was a coupe made by French car maker Citroen from 1970 until 1975. It was considered a high performance vehicle by standards of the time.
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This front engine, front wheel drive car offered 3 different engine options during its 6 year run, including a 2.7 liter, 2.7L with fuel injection, and a 3.0L. Its main competition in the market was the Porsche 911. Production numbers show 12,920 SM's were produced, making it a rare car to see around today. It was exported to the United States, where it competed mainly on the luxury car market. It had to be modified to fit US standards, including doing away with the unique 6 headlamp setup, which really identified the car as a racer. Although sales in the U.S. were great at first, they stopped when Citroen was denied an exemption from the 1974 5 mph bumper law, which required bumpers to be at a uniform height, both rear and front. This made little sense, as even a high school physics student knows that the front of the car will dip during heavy breaking. The batch of 134 cars made illegal by the ruling were shipped to Japan. This ban was eventually lifted, and you can import some of these once-illegal cars into the US market, and many collectors have. If you are looking to buy one, your best bet is to try eBay, where prices are usually the lowest. You can also find plenty of parts there.
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