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1935 DeSoto Airstream - Vintage Car Pics
The Airstream was built by DeSoto, a division of Chrysler, for only two years: 1935 and 1936. Chrysler had their own version of this car line during those years. The Airstream was designed for the mainstream buyer, as opposed to DeSoto's other offering, the Airflow, which was much more aerodynamic and extreme in styling for most buyers.
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The Airstream's body sat on its frame, unlike the unibody design of the Airflow. The car featured a V6 engine and came as a 2-door business coupe, convertible coupe, roadster coupe, 5-passenger coupe and trunkback sedan. The floating power rubber engine mounts were a special feature on Chrysler cars of this era that lessened vibrations from under the hood, making the ride noticeably more comfortable. In 1936 the line was split into two trims: the Deluxe and Custom. They could be differentiated by their windshields; the Deluxe had a one-piece while the Custom had a two-piece windshield. The Deluxe convertible also had a 2-piece. The Custom Traveller was a stretched version of the Custom and became very popular for limo use, and also starting a long relationship between DeSoto and the taxi industry. If you are looking to buy one of these vintage DeSoto cars the first place I would look is on eBay, because the final sale prices tend to be lower and I know the listing are current. Hemmings catalog is another good source, but their listings are sometimes out of date, and their prices are often higher because the buyers tend to be wealthier vintage car collectors.
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