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Mustangs, Chargers, Motorcycles, and Steve McQueen
1985 Dodge Omni
The Omni was a subcompact car made from 1978 until 1990. These were cheap cars during an era of poor Americans. When Ronald Reagan tried to claim that trickle down economics works, this was the kind of trickle he considered a success.
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This car was twins with the Plymouth Horizon, and you could find them everywhere. Like gypsy moth caterpillers, they were like an infestation everywhere on earth. Even in the darkest regions of the rainforest, you could probably find an opening where 37 Omnis/Horizons were parked. They helped Chrysler become a profitable car maker again after years of struggling against GM and Ford. Engine options included the 1.6 L Peugeot/Simca I4 all the way up to a 2.2L Turbo I I4. It was only available as a 5 door hatchback, but physicists are still trying to figure out how they managed to fit two doors on each side. The standard transmission was a 4 speed made by Volkswagen (can we call this a parts bin car?) but there was also a 5 speed manual and two 3 speed automatics. There was also a Carroll Shelby Omni GLH, which stood for Goes Like Hell. It used the turbo engine, and the final 500 from 1986 were sold to Shelby and used for the 1986 Shelby GHLS. If you are looking to buy one used, you are really poor... oh wait, I mean you can find them online on places like eBay. You can also find some parts there. Go for the Shelby if you can find one, and modify the hell outta it to make a great sleeper car. Losing a race to an Omni is a known cause of depression.
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