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1986 Ford EXP
The EXP made its debut in 1982 and lasted until 1988. It was the first two seat car Ford had made in 25 years. Officially designated a sport compact car, the EXP was a 3 door hatchback.
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The first generation EXP, which lasted until 1985, was essentially a sport version of the Escort. That said, it was 200 pounds heavier than the Escort but powered by the same weak 70 horsepower engine. It's a car just asking to be suped up. They did end up making a Turbo Coupe version for 1984 that boosted power to 120 horsepower. After disappearing for a short time, the car was back for a redesigned second generation for the 1986 1/2 model year. The frog-eye headlights were gone, but some sleek new aerodynamic styling cues were in. Luxury and sport coupe versions were made to appeal to more discerning tastes of the decade (smell out the sarcasm in that sentence). Along with the Mercury LN7, which as practically a twin, nearly a quarter of a million of these cars were produced. That means there are still plenty left on the used car market.

Think about checking on eBay before you buy one from somewhere else. They tend to have lower prices on used cars and parts.

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