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1932 Ford Model B
The Model B was sold in 1932, 1933, and 1934. It replaced the popular Model A in Ford's lineup. Nearly 4.5 million of them were made, and they are still very popular with hot rodders today.
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The Model B was a straight 4 engine car. That said, there have been some downright beastly engines put under the hood of these cars throughout the years. Some of the hot rods that are made with the Model B as a base don't even have hoods, giving the engine more space. The 1932 model is often referred to as a Deuce Coupe, although that term can also describe a dual carb car from other years. You can see one of these beautiful Deuce Coupes in the popular movie "American Graffiti", where it is driven by John Milner (played by Paul Le Mat).

A song by Bruce Springsteen and an album by the Beach Boys also make reference to this famed car.

Since these cars are so popular with the hot rodding crowd, a lot of them still exist today. A Model B in excellent original condition can fetch a nice price, but even beat up junkers can be valuable to people who are looking for a frame to build a custom car upon. You can find listings for these cars all over eBay, in both original, restored, and customized condition. You can also find all sorts of parts for sale. There is a whole subculture out there devoted to this car, so you should have no trouble finding what you're looking for.

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