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1993 Ford Mustang GT convertible
In 1979, the Mustang would move to the Fox platform. The early versions of these third generation Mustangs were underpowered, with engines making just 140 horsepower on some models. That would change with the 5.0 L Mustang GT a few years later.
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Pictures and information about the Ford Mustang from 1964 / 1965 through 2006

Aside from the 5.0, there were other performance Mustangs from the 1980's. There was the 1984 SVO Mustang, which had a turbocharged 2.3 L inline 4 engine and some of the best handling and braking ever put on a Mustang. These cars were far too expensive for the general market, and they lacked the power of the 5.0.

In 1986, the first fuel injected 5.0 was released. This car had higher compression and better throttle response than the earlier models.

Some of the special editions of these cars included the 25th anniversary edition for 1990 and the Cobra R in 1993.

You can find a fairly large following for these cars, both online and at car shows. They are not considered classic Mustangs yet, but it was a period when Ford was at least trying to revive the brand name. Haters also like to refer to these cars as Rustangs. You can find these cars, free of the rust in most cases, listed in classifieds and on online auction listings like eBay.

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