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1991 GMC Syclone
The Syclone is a limited edition truck produced by GMC in 1991. It is a high performance sports truck, and only 2995 were produced. It had amazing acceleration for a truck, comparable to a Corvette and even a Ferrari, which it raced as part of an article for Car & Driver magazine.
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These trucks came stock with a turbocharged V6 engine. They also had all wheel drive and antilock brakes on all four wheels. Despite being a sports truck, only automatic transmission was offered.

Performance stats for the Syclone were probably some of the best ever for a production model truck. 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and the quarter mile in 13.08 at 100.44 mph are both numbers you'd expect out of a decent mid-level sports car.

One very rare conversion of this truck was the Marlboro Syclone. Only 10 were produced, and they were given away to winners of the Marlboro Racing Contest in 1992. Some of the changes on this truck were the paint scheme, which was red with graphics instead of the standard black on the plain GMC model, and a sunroof.

As they were produced in limited quantities, it stands to reason that the GMC Syclone will be a highly collectible truck in the future. They already command premiums over trucks from the same era. If you are looking to buy one, forget about the local classifieds. The chances of you finding one there are about the same as the odds of General Motors turning a profit this year. I would suggest looking on eBay, where there are thousands of people selling vehicles at any given time.

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