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Honda CRX
The CRX was a two door hatchback sports car made by Honda from 1983 until 1992. In the United States, this car started out as an economy car. In other markets, a better performing ZC engine was made available, making it a nice small sports car.
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The CRX HF was a model made available in the United States that could achieve unbelievable fuel economy for its time. It could get over 50 miles per gallon, and it did not cost more than the base model. It was really just a less-sporty, more economical version of the car, and it got better fuel mileage than most hybrid vehicles that would hit the market a decade later. By most calculations, the car could get 51 miles per gallon in city driving, and 60 miles per gallon on the highway.

For those who are not big on the whole fuel economy trip, get with the program, we're running out of oil! Just kidding, I love a nice sporty car as much as the next guy. Honda knew this, and in 1989 they introduced the VTEC engine to the CRX model line. These engines had previously been available on the Acura Integra, but it became far more popular on the smaller and sportier CRX.

One very sought-after option on the CRX was a glass roof. This option was only originally sold on models for the Japanese market, but it has become highly collectible in other markets since then. It is also a popular modification on these cars.

Whether you are looking for the highly economical HF or the CRX Si, which is the performance model sold in the US market, you have a lot of company. The CRX is very popular with the import modding/racing crowd. That means high market value compared to other cars from the same period. Chances are you will not find one in your local used car classifieds. If you do find one, chances are it won't be there for long. I would suggest looking on eBay. At least with eBay, you know when an auction will end and you don't have to worry about someone buying it before that time.

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