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Hummer H2
The H2 was the first vehicle built by Hummer exclusively for the general public. The first Hummer vehicle, the H1, was derived from the military Humvee. The H2 has been sold since 2003 and is popular with celebrities and people who are not well-endowed.
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The H2 has stirred a lot of controversy with environmentalists, who see the vehicle as a symbol of American excess. Thanks in large part to actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, there is now a hydrogen-powered H2 on the market, although they are rather rare.

The H2 shares a platform with the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, although it has many exclusive parts, including all exterior parts. There are two body variations of the H2, the SUV and the SUT. The SUT model is mix of a truck and an SUV, with an open cargo bed in the back.

Gas mileage on the H2 is in the low single digits, between 10 and 12 miles per gallon by many estimates. That's the major reason environmentalists hate this vehicle. In addition, the United States government gives a tax benefit to H2 buyers. Since it is over 6,000 pounds, it is considered an industrial vehicle for business use. That means the full price up to $50,000 in 2008 tax code can be deducted from taxable income. In other words, if a person claims more than $50,000 in taxable income and buys an H2, they can get $15,000 (30%) refund for their purchase. The maximum tax deduction for zero emission vehicles is $0 in 2008. It's understandable that environmentalists are upset at the government and the Bush administration in general for this screwy tax code.

You can find many like new Hummer H2's for sale, especially on places like eBay. There are also a ton of custom parts that third party manufacturers are making and selling in auto parts stores and also on eBay. It's almost expected that an H2 is going to have some custom mods, especially with the wheels.

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