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Jeep FC-170 Forward Control truck
Back before a Jeep was a Jeep, the Kaiser and Willys Jeep Forward Control, or FC, truck was found on farms across the land. This truck was made from 1956 until 1965 under the Willys and Kaiser Jeep brand names. It was designed as a work vehicle for civilian, corporate, and military use.
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The first Forward Control truck was the FC-150. It had a 78 inch bed and production started in 1956 under the Willys name.

The FC-170 came along in 1957. It had a massive 108 inch bed, which was actually longer than the wheelbase by 5 inches, making it the first to have a longer bed than wheelbase. The forward cabin made this possible, a design that would remain popular in many vehices for over a decade.

The FC-170DRW had a dual wheel rear axle. It had a 10 foot bed, making it a cargo monster.

Four models were made for military use. They were the M676, the M677, the M678, and the M679. Each had a different body type.

Some foreign models of this truck were produced for Japan, Spain, and India. Willys Overland, Kaiser Jeep, and AMC were all involved in the production of those trucks.

These trucks are sought after by many collectors. Their design was influential in the truck and van market throughout the 1960's. You can sometimes find a used one listed in a place like Hemmings, or you might see one listed on eBay. You can also find plenty of parts sellers and swappers out there.

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