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Lamborghini Islero
The Islero was a sports car made for only the 1968 and 1969 model years by Italian sports car maker Lamborghini. It was a 2+2 sports car that replaced the 400GT. Only 125 of these cars were made during its two year lifetime.
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The Islero, like many Lamborghinis, features the V12 engine. That engine could make 325 horsepower. The only transmission option was a 5 speed manual, and indepedent suspension and disc brakes were also standard.

Along with the Islero, a slightly less common Islero S was built in 1969. A total of 100 were made by hand at the Lamborghini factory. They had 25 more horsepower than the regular Islero and several styling changes.

Althought the Islero had excellent soundproofing and a large interior for an exotic car, it did not have very good fit and finish. This is surprising for a car that was built in such small numbers and by hand by people car about quality. Perhaps they should have spent more time making sure the panels fit better without having to modify them. This is the downside to building so few models.

With a total of 225 Isleros built, your chances of seeing one in a lifetime are slim, and your chances of being able to buy one are even slimmer. Check the bigger car auction listings, and watch eBay like a hawk.

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