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Lamborghini LM002
The LM002 was a boxy SUV made by Lamborghini from 1986 until 1992. It was also called the Rambo Lambo, but do not call this car a Hummer ripoff, as it predates the H1 by several years and the original prototype dates back to 1977.
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The LM002 featured a massive 5.1 liter V12 engine. The original plans were to have this engine mounted in the rear, but testing proved that the ride could become very awkward when not on paved roads.

The prototype of this vehicle was destroyed while being tested by the US military. The plans to develop the vehicle for military use were scrapped, and civilian models were put into production.

Unlike the Hummers that it is often compared to, the LM002 was always produced with luxury in mind. Leather trim, air conditioning, and premium stereo were all standard in this rugged SUV.

Many military models were eventually made and outfitted with such things as mounting points for machine guns. The Saudi Arabian military ordered about 40 of them, and the Libyan government ordered 100.

Saddam Hussein's son, Udai, owned one of these vehicles. He did not survive the current conflict in Iraq, and when the US found his LM002 they used it to demonstrate the effects of roadside explosives. The vehicle was obliterated in the testing.

These vehicles can still be found on the collector car market, usually at collector car auctions or listed on Ebay.

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