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Lamborghini Miura S
The Miura was the third production car made by Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini. It was sold from 1966 until 1973. It was one of the first mid-engine sports cars to go into production, a layout that has since been copied by Ferrari, Porsche, and many other sports car makers.
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There were many different variations on the Miura, but most of them were one-offs or very rare. The model names are the following:

  1. P400
  2. P400S
  3. P400SV
  4. P400 Jota
  5. P400 SV/J
  6. Roadster
  7. P400 SVJ Spider

The P400 was the early vesion of the Miura. 274 of them were produced by hand, making it one of the more common models. The sold for $20,000 and production ended in 1969.

The P400S was another of the more common Miuras. 338 of them were produced between 1968 and 1971. It was about 20 horsepower more powerful than the base P400.

150 P400 SV's were made, and it is among the most popular versions of this car for modern collectors. This car was faster and more reliable than the previous models, with a different lubrication system for the engine and gearbox.

These cars had a problem with the carburetors that caused them to catch on fire more frequently than most drivers are comfortable with. The problem came with too much idling, which caused the area above the throttles to fill with fuel and sometimes ignite when accelerating after idling, such as any standard red to green stoplight situation. The reason the carbs had this problem was because they were built for racing use and not intended for standard production vehicles. There are many fixes for this problem, as most Miura owners are surely aware.

Despite low production numbers, you can find these cars out there at collector car shows and even on the internet on sites like eBay. You also might find some listings for wrecks that you can get some decent original parts off of.

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