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Lamborghini Urraco
The Urraco was a sports car sold by Lamborghini from 1972 until 1979. It had high production numbers for a Lamborghini, and it was considered an entry level car in the exotic car market. it was designed to compete with the Ferrari Dino and Maserati Merak.
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The Urraco became the first production Lamborghini to not use a V12 engine. Instead, it got a V8 engine that was a relatively small 2.5 liters.

There were 5 different variations on the Urraco design, although some were one-off prototypes. They were the P111, P200, P250, P300, and Urraco Bob.

The chassis for this car is very similar to that used on the much larger Espada. The front suspension was bolted to the frame, while the rear suspension was bolted to the subframe that bolted to the frame. The transmission was mounted right next to the engine in the rear. This was the best layout for people who might need to work on the car, as it made for easy access to the engine and transmission.

791 of these cars were built during its 8 year lifetime. That makes it common for a Lamborghini, but still extremely rare among cars in general. You can find some of these in collector car catalogs, but your easiest choice is looking on Ebay auction listings. They typically sell for between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on model and condition. It's probably one of the cheapest ways to get into a geniune Lamborghini.

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