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Lincoln Blackwood
The Blackwood was an odd experiment by Lincoln, the luxury division of Ford. They wanted to make a truck version of their popular Navigator SUV for the 2002 model year, but an array of problems led to poor sales and doomed this project after one year.
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The Blackwood was a full size, four door pickup truck. It had a 300 horsepower V8 engine and a 4 speed automatic transmission. Perhaps it would have been wiser to at least offer a manual transmission, as this was a truck and not a luxury as Lincoln was used to making.

The Blackwood attempted to compete with the Cadillac Escalade EST, but it failed miserably. The Blackwood only came with black exterior and interior, it had plush carpeting, and a power tonneau cover. Those all seem like great things, but when you consider that this is on a truck, it makes it harder to utilize as a truck.

Retail on this truck was $52,500, but it was so unpopular that it tended to sell for far below invoice as dealers had to dump them on whoever showed interest.

These trucks are already rare enough, but there was also a very rare Neiman Marcus Edition. Only 50 of them were made, and they featured more luxury options than the standard model, all for just $6,000 more.

These aren't going to be common on the used truck market, but you can find them. If you are looking for a luxury truck that sells for far less than a new truck and has high collectibility potential for the future, look for a Blackwood. You can probably find a few listed on eBay.

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