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1963 Lincoln Continental
The Continental is a car that has been made by Lincoln, a luxury division of Ford, since 1939. It was a fullsize luxury car until 1981. After that it was considered a midsize luxury car.
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The Continental started out as a 2 door sedan. Its design was based on the Zephyr. It had a long front fender and a short trunk in the back.

After being discontinued in 1948, the Continental made a comeback in 1955. It was one of the most expensive cars in the world at the time, with a price that was right up there with the Rolls Royce. It is said that this car had the highest quality control measures ever used in the automotive industry.

The car was redesigned for 1958 and made the flagship car of the Lincoln brand. It was now fighting for the title of largest car with the Cadillac.

The new Continental for 1961 was originally supposed to be the new Ford Thunderbird, but that jerk Robert McNamara, the same idiot who is personally responsible for thousands of American lives lost in Vietnam, decided to switch it to Lincoln and make it the new Continental.

A 1961 Lincoln 4 door convertible was so luxurious that President Kennedy himself used it for parades. Unfortunately, he was an easy target with that top down. Yeah.

The fourth generation started in 1970, and this car would be the last of the truly iconic large Continentals. It was competing for the same market as the Cadillac Eldorado.

The 5th generation was basically a weakened and more fuel efficient 4th generation. It would be the last of the really large ones.

The 6th generation in 1982 was a much smaller car. It could now be bought with a turbocharged diesel I6 engine instead of the standard V8, if the buyer so chose.

The 1988 through 1994 Continentals were more refined than previous models, and more modestly designed.

The 8th and 9th generations were essentially the same as the previous.

If you can find a used Continental for sale, you're not looking hard enough. They've been around forever, so you can find them in the junk yard, the slimy used car lot, and even at antique car auctions. Try looking on eBay for a huge selection.

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