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Mercury Marauder
The Marauder was most recently a car made by Mercury from 2003 to 2004, but the name was also used by Mercury at previous times in their past. The concept behind the cars is all the same: luxury blended with performance.
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The original Marauder was sold from 1963 to 1965. These were basically trim level variations of the Mercury Montclair, Monterey, and Park Lane. The major change was the fastback roof and rear window. The fastback was developed as part of Ford's attempt to improve aerodynamics for their race cars in the newly developed NASCAR racing league. The Ford Galaxie was raced by Ford during these years with the fastback rear, and it was a very similar car to the Marauder. The 1963 1/2 Marauder was only available as a 2 door personal luxury coupe, but the later models had 2 or 4 doors.

The second generation of the Marauder lasted from 1969 to 1970. For the first time, it was a distinct model separate from other Mercury cars. The base version had a 390 cubic inch V8 engine, but a performance version called the Marauder X-100 came with a 429 cubic inch 360 horsepower. Only about 20,000 of these second generation cars were made, and they are cherished by collectors today.

The most recent version of the Marauder was from 2003 to 2004. It was a performance version of the Grand Marquis, and it's one of my favorite sleeper cars. Some consider it similar in appearance and concept to the 1994 to 1996 Chevy Impala SS, another one of the great sleepers (my other fav is the 1986 - 1987 Buick Grand National). Like the other cars in this sleeper list, the Marauder was mostly sold with black paint. In the first part of 2003 it was only sold with that color option, although red, silver, and blue were later offered. Just 328 of the blues were made, so look for the original blues (as identified with VIN) to become very collectible in the future. These cars came with the Modular DOHC V8 engine and a 4 speed automatic transmission. These cars are very popular in the aftermarket, with lots of custom parts developed to take advantage of the already powerful setup.

Whether you are looking for the classic Marauder, the muscle Marauder, or the modern sleeper Marauder, you probably won't find them at your local used car dealer. Try looking on eBay for used Marauders and parts. It's also a good place to sell one, as used car dealers tend to rip off sellers while eBay lets you sell it at true market price.

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