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Nissan 200SX
The 200SX was one name for a car sold in most of the world as a Nissan Silvia. It can be described as a small sports car. The most popular models were made from 1984 through 1993. The 1984 though 1988 models were the S12 chassis.
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There were several engines used in the 200SX. The codes on those engines are CA18S, CA18E, CA20E, CA18ET, CA18DET, VG30E, FJ20E, and FJ20ET. All but the VG30E were I4 engines, with the exception being a V6. The CA18S had a carburetor, while all engine codes ending in E were naturally aspirated. Models ending in T got a single turbo. The top performing engine was the FJ20ET, which made 188 horsepower.

All of these cars were real wheel drive. Transmission was either a 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual, with the manual transmission being the more popular option since this is a small sports car.

In the United States, these cars were sold as a coupe or hatchback. Many other markets did not get the coupe version.

These cars are popular on the used car market. You can buy a 200SX in many different places, but the best I've found is eBay. There are plenty of used car listings there for the 200SX and also lots of parts. And all for dirt cheap compared to parts store or catalog prices.

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