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Nissan Murano
The Murano is a luxury SUV made by Nissan. It's a midsize SUV that falls below the Armada in luxury but is still above the Pathfinder. It uses the same FF-L platform found in the Maxima and latest version of the Altima.
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The Murano is the first front wheel drive SUV made by Nissan. It is more expensive than the Pathfinder despite being about the same size. That's due to its luxury features and more modern design.

The only engine available with the Murano thus far is a V6 making 245 horsepower.

Although it comes standard with front wheel drive, the Murano does have four wheel drive optional. The All-Mode 4x4 with ESP is a traction control system that Nissan claims is designed to make the vehicle fun to drive.

Aside from more safety features than would be expected from SUVs in this class, the Murano also has a rear camera to aide in visibility and 4 wheel independent suspension.

These cars are just starting to show up on the used SUV market. They've only been made since 2003, so there are only a few models available. The cheapest way to buy one is by using eBay, where you can also buy lots of parts.

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