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1958 Oldsmobile 88
The 88 was a big full size car sold by Oldsmobile from 1949 to 1999. During that time it was also sold as the Rocket 88, Super 88, Jetstar 88, Dynamic 88, Delmont 88, and Delta 88. The early models of this car are considered by some to be the first example of a true muscle car, 10 years before the Pontiac GTO would get credit for it.
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The early 1950's Oldsmobile 88's had one simple concept: a lower weight car combined with a big engine. The V8 engine used in these cars was originally designed for the much larger 98. When fit into the 88, it made this car one of the highest performing of its time. The Super 88 was the special performance and luxury version of the base model 88 during these years.

In 1957, the 88 was only sold as the Golden Rocket 88. In this year the J2 was an option, which included the 3 2-barrel carbs.

By 1958, Oldsmobile was lavishing an ungodly amount of chrome on the 88. One cool option on these cars was the Sportable radio, which worked as a car radio but could also be removed and used as a portable. If only we had such a device today.

In 1960 and 1961, and actually throughout the rest of the early 1960's, the 88 became longer and wider. It was quickly moving away from pure performance and moving more toward comfort and luxury. By the late 1960's the car was back into its muscle car form, this time with a body that fit in more with the muscle cars of its time.

The major change for the 88 came in 1977. The smaller B body now came standard with a V6 engine with a V8 optional.

In 1986 the 88 became a smaller front wheel drive car with nothing related to the original. The V6 engine was now the only option.

There are plenty of 88's out there on the used market, especially those from the 1990's. Even the classics seem to be far too depressed in price. I'm not sure why these are not collected more, as the early 88's really are beautiful cars with decent performance. You can get some great prices if you look on eBay, and also parts as well.

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