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Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser
The Custom Cruiser was a large station wagon made and sold by Oldsmobile from 1971 to 1992. They were all rear wheel drive cars, and from 1977 on they were based on the B Body platform also found on the Chevy Caprice.
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There were three generations of the Custom Cruiser. They ran from 1971 to 1976, 1977 to 1990, and 1991 to 1992.

The first generation of the Custom Cruiser was based on the C platform. It was a very large station wagon that could fit up to 8 people. One really neat features on these station wagons that I loved was the electronically operated tailgate. When opened, it split along the horizontal, with the lower tailgate going down into the floor of the rear while the window went up into the roof. These cars were really huge, and they needed the beastly 455 cubic inch Oldsmobile V8 engine to power these sleds down the road.

The second generation Custom Cruiser was smaller and more conventional. The engines were smaller as well. A V8 diesel was introduced, but it's best to avoid any used Custom Cruiser with the diesel engine, especially before 1985. They were very troublesome.

For the third generation, which lasted just two years, the Vista roof was back, but the wood grain sides were gone. The combination of those two were available on the Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon, which meant fewer sales for the Custom Cruiser. They still had the V8 engine and the rear wheel drive and the 4 speed turbo hydramatic transmission, but these station wagons were no longer the must-have large family hauler. The minivan and SUV were taking over.

The station wagon is making a pop culture comeback, and these Custom Cruisers are becoming more and more popular on the used market. If you want to buy an Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, your best chance of finding one is by looking on eBay. There are also lots of parts on there for less than you'll pay just about anywhere else.

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