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Plymouth Acclaim
The Acclaim was a small sedan made by Plymouth and sold from 1989 to 1995. It is almost a twin of the Dodge Spirit and Chrysler LeBaron, and it replaced the Caravelle in Plymouth's lineup. Some also considered it a replacement for the Plymouth Reliant, although the Reliant continued to sell for a short time after the introduction of the Acclaim.
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The Plymouth was not a K car, despite popular belief. It was actually based on Chrysler's AA platform, which was the successor to the K platform.

In its base form, the Acclaim was the bottom rung of the AA lineup. There were a number of trim options, however, that made the Acclaim more sporty and luxuriuos that the Dodge Spirit or Chrysler LeBaron. Those cars were typically sold in their base form, while the Acclaim was often bought in the more upscale trim, so it would actually become the de facto head of the AA car lineup.

Although the base engine on the Acclaim was an inline 4 cylinder, there was also a turbo I4 available and a V6 Mitsubishi 6G72.

Aside from the base model, the other trims sold with the Acclaim were the LE and the top level LX. For those who could not afford a special trim, there was a gold package sold with the base model that added gold trim and wheels.

It should be noted that the 1994 and 1995 Plymouth Acclaims were made slightly different in the United States and Canada. The U.S. model had motorized seatbelts to comply with federal safety standards. Canadian safety standards did not comply with that standard. For that reason, American and Canadian models from those years cannot be imported in either direction across the border.

There are plenty of Plymouth Acclaims on the used car market. I've actually been close to purchasing a few of them myself throughout the years. They make a great starter car for teenagers, because they are cheap and they can't go fast enough to get them into too much trouble. That also means lower insurance premiums. The best place to buy a cheap Plymouth Acclaim is on eBay, believe it or not. There are also some cheap parts on there, just beware of the shipping costs.

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