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Plymouth Neon
The Plymouth Neon was sold from 1995 until 2001, and was essentially the same exact car as the Dodge Neon. The Plymouth Neon had to be discontinued because the Plymouth brand itself was being discontinued at the same time.
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The first generation Plymouth Neon was sold from 1994 until 1999. It was only sold as a 4 door sedan and 2 door coupe. The engines were not as underpowered as some have assumed. The SOHC I4 made 132 horsepower, while the DOHC I4 made 150 horsepower. These figures were higher than the horsepower output of cars like the Honda Civic and Ford Escort ZX2. The torque output on the Neon was also greater.

The R/T, or Road/Track, Neon was introduced in 1998. It featured many of the sporty features of the ACR Neon, which was the the racing version of the Neon.

The trim levels on the first generation Plymouth Neons include base, Highline, Sport, Expresso, EX, Competition, and Style. These trims correlated to similar trims on the Dodge Neon that were given different names.

The Plymouth Neon would only last a couple of years into the second generation, as the Plymouth brand was phased out. The 2 door coupe body style was dropped, and there was now only 1 engine option, an I4. It did make 132 horsepower, and the Magnum configuration was an option that would boost that to 150 horsepower. The second generation Neon was much improved over the first. Chrysler advertised that they had made 1000 improvements, despite the fact that the cars looked almost the same. The fit and finish was perhaps the greatest improvement, as build quality on the first generation models was sometimes highly suspect.

The final Plymouth Neon 4 door sedan (silver in color, as all the final Plymouths were) was completed on June 28, 2001.

You can still find plenty of Plymouth Neons on the used car market. These are actually fairly sporty cars for their price if you're interested, and there are also lots of aftermarket parts made for them. The best prices I've found for both the used cars and the Plymouth Neon parts are on eBay.

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