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Plymouth Voyager
The Voyager was one of the first minivans ever made. They were sold from 1974 to 2000, but the modern body style was not introduced until 1984. Those first of the modern minivans were based on the S platform, which was actually closely related to the K platform.
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The first generation of the modern body type Voyager was sold from 1984 to 1990. It was during this time that a longer wheelbase model was introduced. It was called the Grand Voyager, and it was first sold in 1987. The V8 engine that was standard on the full size Voyager vans from the 1970's was gone, replaced by V6 and I4 engines on this minivan, and the 3 speed TorqueFlite transmission was gone in favor of 3 and 4 speed automatics and a 5 speed manual. The trim levels were Base, SE, and LE. The woodgrain panels on the sides were only sold on the LE.

The second generation Voyager was sold from 1991 to 1995. The LX was a new trim level that was sort of a sport luxury combination. It had the most standard features out of any of the Voyager models. Some trims later added to the SE model include the Sport Wagon and Rallye. This generation was based on the AS platform, which was still based off the old K platform. It would be the last of the Voyagers based off the K platform.

The final generation Voyager was sold from 1996 to 2000. It was an NS platform minivan, sold with front wheel drive standard and four wheel drive optional. Only the base and SE trims were offered. An Expresso and Rallye model were added in the final years.

These Voyager minivans can be found all over the used market. If you are interested in buying one for personal use or for your business, I suggest you try to save a few (hundred, or even thousand) bucks by buying them from eBay. These minivans have been discontinued for a long time now, so all of the used Voyagers are going to be suffering from pretty much the same problems. If it's a Voyager and it runs and looks decent, that's really all you should expect. You should not expect to pay too much. You can also find some cheap parts on eBay.

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