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Pontiac Aztek
The Aztek was a crossover SUV sold by Pontiac from 2001 to 2005. It's styling was... interesting. Some people actually like the jagged edges and beveled curves. I personally hate this look, and I'm glad Pontiac no longer makes the abomination.
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The Aztek was one of the first crossover SUVs, which are blends of minivans and SUVs. They were made for people who wanted an SUV but didn't want low gas mileage and an uncomfortable ride. It also had less offroad capabilities, which is something that very few drivers ever really take advantage of anyway.

The Aztek was sold with front wheel drive standard, but there was a four wheel drive option for those who wanted to pretend they could go offroad with their SUV. The drivetrain was powered by a V6 engine. There was no V8 option. There was also no manual transmission option. The 4 speed automatic was the only choice.

There were two trims on the Aztek - base and GT. The front and 4 wheel drive was available on both trims. Actually, it wasn't true 4 wheel drive, but rather Versatrak all wheel drive.

Some blame the boxy look of the Aztek on computers. That's because the Aztek was the first vehicle designed using only computerized prototyping tools. The Aztek didn't look so boxy on the computer screen. I wonder if Pontiac still uses only computerized prototypes.

The Aztek could carry a 8 by 4 sheet of plywood in the rear, which was something very few other non-trucks could do. Maybe that design criteria was the cause of the boxy design. Either way, it makes the Aztek a very utilitarian crossover SUV by modern standards.

Although the Aztek was discontinued a few years ago, you can still find them on the used car market. The best place to buy one is on eBay. As I said before, these Azteks would work great as company cars, especially for companies that need to carry some cargo but don't need a truck.

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