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Porsche 356 roadster
The 356 was the first production car from Porsche. It was sold from 1948 to 1965. There were other cars made by this same company before the 356, but the 356 was the first one to carry the Porsche name on it. It was designed by the son of Porsche's founder, and it was very similar to the VW Beetle, which was designed in part by Porsche's founder.
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The Porsche 356 was a rear engine, rear wheel drive car. It was sold with three body styles: 2 door coupe, 2 door convertible, and 2 door Speedster. The Speedster was a Porsche name for a roadster.

The lowest level engine on the 356 was a 40 horsepower B4. A DOHC B4 was the top engine for this car, making 130 horsepower, which is a decent number for a car this size.

The early 356 models had a split front windshield, while later models had the bent windshield with the center crease.

To keep the changes in this car organized within the factory, there was a minor name change for each change in what we now call "generations." The 356A was first sold in 1955, the 356B was introduced in 1959, and the final 356C was first sold in 1964.

These cars were successful on the track, especially the 356 SL and 356A Carrera GT performance versions that were stripped of weight and given tweaked engines.

The 356 has appeared in movies like Office Space, Bullitt, and Top Gun. Don't ask me for the exact scenes when they appear, because I wouldn't know. I watch Office Space all the time and I've only seen Lundberg's Porsche, which is not a 356.

The 356 is one of the most collectible Porsches today. They are rare and their design has been loved by car fanatics around the world. You can find replicas of this car listed on eBay, and last time I checked there were also several of the real deal listed as well. They typically sell for six figures in good condition, and much more for rarer models of the 356.

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