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1980 Porsche 930
The 930 was the longest running of the 911 line of sports cars from Porsche. It was sold from 1975 until 1989, and about 21,500 of them were made during that time. It is also sometimes called the Porsche 911 Turbo, and it was the top model sold by Porsche for the duration of its production.
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Being the top Porsche model, the 930 was the best performing car made in Germany at the time it was produced.

The 930 was the first production Porsche to feature a turbocharged engine. It was much more powerful than the base 911, and it allowed Porsche to compete against the exotic sports cars from the Italian manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Tuned versions of the Porsche engine were sold on variations of the 930 sold as the 911 Turbo S.

The 930 was only sold as a rear wheel drive car. It came in 2+2 Coupe, Cabriolet, and Targa body styles.

One odd thing about this car is its name. The number 930 was originally just Porsche's factory code for the car. In marketing material and advertisements it was only known as the 911 Turbo or the Turbo Carrera. It was only after its production was finished that Porsche fans started to refer to the car as the 930, which is the more popular name used for the car today.

The RUF CTR is a tuned version of the Porsche 930 made by RUF, a private car modifier that is licensed to sell these modified Porsches. RUF owns the copyright and trademark licenses to the cars it makes, which is why they show up in a lot of video games even though Porsche has tried to avoid licensing its cars to games that don't feature Porsches exclusively.

The Porsche 930 can be found quite easily on today's used sports car market. The fastest place to find a 930 for sale is by checking the listings on eBay. Chances are you'll find at least one or two listed right now.

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