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2004 Suzuki Swift
The Swift is a Suzuki sold since 1985. It is classified as a supermini car, which is also called a subcompact car in the United States. The Suzuki Swift has also been sold as the Chevrolet Sprint and Geo Metro in the US, and various other names in other markets.
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The Swift started out as with a 3 cylinder engine. In later models it was a 4 cylinder car. Some of the sportier models include the Swift GTi, which featured a stronger engine and better performance parts. Still, this car was only making 100 horsepower.

The second generation Suzuki Swift was first sold in the US in 1989. There were two trim levels on this new Swift: the GTi, which came with 3 doors, and the 5 door GTX hatchback. Suzuki was forced to change the name of the GTi to just the GT starting in 1990, the result of a lawsuit and settlement with Volkswagen, which also made a car using that trim name. Starting in 1990, the trim levels were the base GA, GL, and GS. Only the GS had 4 doors, the others were 2 door coupes/hatchbacks.

The Swift was redesigned again for 1992, with the Swift MK3 model. The output remained about the same from the I4 engine options. The engines on the GS hatchback and sedan were both SOHC 4 cylinders, with the higher end GTi / GT getting a DOHC I4. Only the GT could make it from zero to 60 mph in less than 11 seconds.

There are several places were you can find yourself a nice used Suzuki Swift. The first place I always look is on eBay. There are always a few of them listed on there, and there are also lots of auctions for parts, which makes it a lot cheaper to modify these fun little cars. You can also check out your local newspaper classifieds or your local Craigslist. It's a shot in the dark, but you might just get lucky and find a good deal.

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