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Toyota T100
The T100 was a full size Toyota truck sold from 1993 until 1998. They were all sold as either rear wheel drive or four wheel drive trucks. The base engine was an I4, but upgrade options included a more powerful V6.
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The Toyota T100 faced from stiff competition from Chevy and Ford, both of which had established truck brand names in the United States. While the domestic trucks were selling 500,000 or more each year, the T100 was struggling to reach 40,000.

The main problem that buyers had with the T100 was the engine size. Almost all Ford and Chevy trucks were being sold with V8 engines at the time, but the T100 only got a V6 engine, and that was only after the customer purchased the upgraded engine. The horsepower difference between the Toyota and the Fords and Chevys was huge, and buyers knew it.

The T100 was fast for a pickup truck because it had a smaller frame than most of the competition. It had about the same size truck bed, so it was capable of carrying as much, but I'm sure its performance would go way down if you loaded it up with the heavy equipment you'd expect to see in a heavy duty truck. In many ways, the T100 was more of a compact sports truck than the full size model, even if it was classified as the latter.

Starting in 1997, the TRD T100 was sold with a supercharged engine, which helped out performance, although it failed to give the truck the same torque that the competition had.

One thing the T100 did have going for it was reliability. Many T100's are still on the road thanks to their build quality, while many Chevy and Ford trucks from the early to late 90's are a few miles away from the graveyard.

There are several places to go to find a decent Toyota T100 for sale. I like to buy used cars and trucks off eBay, because it's usually a lot cheaper than the local lots and almost always cheaper than KBB.

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