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Toyota Tundra
The Toyota Tundra is a full size truck sold by Toyota since 2000 as a replacement for the Toyota T100. The truck is currently based on the same platform as the Toyota Sequoia. Despite some nice reviews, the Tundra is still behind the Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, and Ford F150 in sales.
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The first generation Toyota Tundra was sold from 2000 until 2006. The original name of the truck was supposed to be the T150, but that name led to a little lawsuit battle with Ford, which included a strategic countersuit regarding the name of the Lincoln LS (Toyota makes the Lexus LS). Anyway, the name was changed to Tundra.

The first Tundras were bigger than the old Toyota T100, but they were smaller than the domestic trucks and therefore were not considered a serious threat to sales of those trucks. It received the Best Truck of the Year award from Motor Trend and also the Best Full-Size Truck award from Consumer Reports. Sales of GM and Ford trucks remained steady despite these awards. Dodge truck sales declined, and many felt that it was due to the invasion of the Toyota Tundras. Sales of the Tundra were near capacity each year.

Although the base engine started out as a V6, there were V8 engine options.

The second generation Toyota Tundra has been sold since 2007. It features a 236 horsepower V6 base engine but a top V8 engine option that makes 381 horsepower. That engine has had some rare problems, however. There have been at least 20 known cases of camshaft failures, and it's probable that there are more out there with the flaw. Toyota's camshaft supplier has fixed the problem, and Toyota will replace any engines that have failed due to this flaw. All new 5.7 liter V8 engines no longer has this problem.

With steady sales for the better part of a decade, the Toyota Tundra is a common truck to find on the used truck market. If you're thinking of buying one, check on KBB for their current value, then see what's being sold in your area. Finally, check the listings on eBay to see how they compare. You'll generally find lower prices on there, but you have to weigh in the distance between you and the truck. Either way, eBay is still a great place to buy parts.

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